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Defense was king in the championship game with the length of Parmenter covering the outfield with ease. The defensive prowess of the Joe Dorr infield was sharp behind the pitching of Caleb Barnett and glove work of Ben Karp; both players in roles they're not custom to playing.

“Matt (Crismond) is probably the league's best first basemen and we have him at third,'' said Kevin Balben. “What's been good about our team is that everybody did what was asked to help us win.''
Baby blue's willingness to fit in where needed was evident as Phil Hastings, Kevin and JT Balben rotated between left, center, and right field throughout the game.

“Really shows how much the league has grown,'' said Cerrone. “We had a really fast-paced game because both teams were really solid defensively. It's tough to find a gap in the outfield when you have four guys who catch everything.''

Joe Dorr Carpentry brought three runs to the plate in the first three innings. In the first, Hastings and Sam Breslin rounded the bases as Parmenter was still down an outfielder. Stretched thin in the outfield, a nod of the cap is in order as purple managed to hold the potent Joe Dorr Carpentry to three runs in the championship game.

While Parmenter was defensively strong, it was unable to find any rhythm at the plate. Limited to an outfield and infield single through four innings, it found open grass in the fifth when Meyer singled to left center. Ryan Nicholas and Cerrone followed with a double and single to score Meyer and Nicholas to swing the momentum into Parmenter's favor.

“We were never up by a ton of runs in either game tonight, but we just kept playing defense,'' said Kevin Balben. “Everyone was comfortable with where they were playing and Joe (Dorr) and I kept telling the guys to limit them on offense and keep playing strong defense.''

Joe Dorr Carpentry 3, Parmenter 2

August 11th


The words of wisdom paid off in the sixth when Parmenter looked to take the lead with Ethan Aaron, Sean Haffey, and Bobby Gaglini due up. When Aaron reached on an error at first, the crowd realized this could be trouble for the defending champs. With the go-ahead run on first, Haffey lined a laser between Karp and Price on the left side of the infield. Fully extended, Karp made the play of the night and ultimately saved the tying run from moving up the bases. Before Karp could dust himself off, Gaglini grounded to Dorr, who stepped on second and tossed to Price to complete the double play and get out of the inning. Just as quick as the the rally began it had ended and the teams moved into the final frame with a one-run differential.

The seventh proved to be anti-climactic as neither team could muster any runs and Joe Dorr Carpentry claimed another WayCo title.

In a more celebratory manner than previous years, the winners posed for pictures and high-fived as they realized they'd beaten the two best teams of the regular season in one night. Always a bittersweet ending, the final out of the championship serves as the final out of the summer.

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