The Guys Who Got It Done

Offensive Player of the Year:

Markus Ricci, Parmenter 

Ricci's offensive numbers were tops in the league by a mile. Leading the league in home runs, doubles, and RBI, Ricci was in the top 10 for triples, hits, and batting average as well. The first-year player served as the driving force behind Parmenter's power numbers. (Joe Dorr, Joe Dorr Carpentry)

Defensive Player of the Year:

Dana Sharry, John C. Bryant Family

The grass and dirt stains became the camouflage that dressed Sharry throughout the season. No ball was safe if hit to left when playing Team Black. Sharry had an exceptional season from the plate, but his fielding stood out as the best the league has seen. (Rico Sullivan, Kitchen Interiors)

Surprise Player of the Year:

Jeff Wright, Joe Dorr Carpentry

New to Wayco, the late-round pick learned on the job and constantly moved up the batting chart for the champs. His strong glove at second and .535 batting average helped earn him the respect of the rest of the league. (Steve Berkowitz, Parmenter)

All-League First Team: (Honorable Mention)
Keith Meliones, Parmenter, pitcher: Following up on his exceptional 2008 season, Meliones kept his team toward the top of the standings with his strong control all season. (Andrew Saltzman, Haffey Construction)

Ben Sherry, John C. Bryant Family, catcher: Great season for Sherry, hitting .636 and helping John C. Bryant capture the regular season title. (Dylan Register, Kitchen Interiors)

Paul Rufo, Kitchen Interiors, first base: Catching heat all season from Rico Sullivan, Rufo batted 1.000 at first all season. Rufo is one of few to be named an all-star in all three seasons. (Brian Kilgallen, Haffey Construction)

Markus Ricci, Parmenter, second base: The league's best offensive player had outfields peddling back all season. (Matt St. Jean, Dylan's Team)

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Joe Dorr, Joe Dorr Carpentry, shortstop: Best player on the best team, Dorr battled through injuries to lead the league in hits and doubles. (Alex Jenny, Liberty Pizza)

Joe Cerrone, Parmenter, third base: Slugging percentage through the roof and a hot glove at third, Cerrone had another stellar season. (Jimmy Hawley, John C. Bryant Family)

Dana Sharry, John C. Bryant, left field: The Bentley junior turned left field into his own slip 'n slide all summer long for one of the league's best teams. (Ian Bonner, Henley's Team)

Jake Meyer, Haffey Construction, left center: Meyer earned his stripes as a coach this season with his infectious spirit to play the game. Meyer led Haffey in batting average, home runs, doubles, RBI, and runs. (Julian Ponsetto, Dylan's Team)

Geoff Leard, John C. Bryant Family, right-center: Leard was second in the league in batting average and had runners using their best judgment when it was time to tag. (Joe Manley, Joe Dorr Carpentry)

Kevin Balben, Joe Dorr Carpentry, right field: The first rounder lived up to the expectations as he paced the league from the top spot in batting average for most of the season. (Phil Hastings, Kitchen Interiors)