A Look Back, Words From Joe Ponsetto

After a fun first season in '07, the word was out. A lot of people that hadn't been involved were getting excited for next summer. As my sophomore year of college wore on, Dan started to ask around: What time should we play next year? Should we try to reserve a spot at the ballpark? How many teams, and what should the playoff format be? After a first year in which there had only been four teams, mainly from the '05, '06 and '07 WHS graduating classes, it was hard to judge how many people would sign up. It was obvious Dan had plans to expand the league, reach out to other grades, and make it a bigger deal around town.

As it turned out, Dan never got to see the 2008 season, but the league ended up exploding into what it is today largely due to the community's respect and admiration for Dan and his vision for the league. The change from '07 to '08 was black and white. Suddenly parents and local companies were providing free food, and there were several dozen fans at each game. We were playing under the lights at the ballpark, 10 teams each with official jerseys, all with the number 99 on the back in honor of Dan. The sense of community that coalesced around the league that year was incredible. A lot of people devoted their time and effort that spring and summer to make WayCo a huge success. A moving ceremony one night, with live music from Dan's classmates served as a tribute to the friend we had lost, and the fiercely contested games that followed reminded us what a fun league he had started.

Player talent ran the gamut from beginners to varsity baseball players, but every team was competitive (except maybe pink team) and we even had a website now to check our individual stats. The league quickly became a social event for players and fans alike. Players in the early games would stick around for the free food and to see what people were doing for the rest of the night. By the end of the summer, there was no doubt in anyone's mind: WayCo was here to stay. We all felt honored to wear #99 on our backs that year, and to carry on a part of Dan's legacy, the WayCo Softball League.

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Final Standings

Pro-Tech Auto 14-3
Joe Dorr Carpentry 13-4
Dylan's 13-4
123 Calzones 9-8
Haffey Const. 8-9
Bryant Family 8-9
Emerson Hospital 6-11
Liberty's Pizza 5-12
Kitchen Interior's 5-12
Henley's Team 4-13

League Leaders

Home Runs:

1.   Joe Dorr, Joe Dorr Carpentry - 9

2.   Connor Hanlon, Liberty Pizza - 7

3.   7 Tied with 6


1.   Ron Moulton, Liberty Pizza - 11

2.   Joe Cerrone, Dylan’s - 9

2.   Brian Kilgallen, Pro-Tech Auto - 9


1.  Connor Hanlon, Liberty Pizza - 5

1.  Nick Peper, Joe Dorr Carpentry - 5

1.  Kevin Balben, Haffey Construction - 5

4.  Joe Dorr, Joe Dorr Carpentry - 4

Batting Average:

1.   Jake Meyer, Pro-Tech Auto - .667

2.   Phil Hastings, John C. Bryant Family - .655

3.   Andy Goldsmith, 123 Calzones - .651

4.   Joe Dorr, Joe Dorr Carpentry - .648

5.   Blaine Doherty, Parmenter - .634

West Plain:

Blaine Doherty (123 Calzones)

Brian Flynn (Dylan’s)

Ray Acevado (Henley’s Team)

Phil Hastings (John C. Bryant)

Joe Cerrone (Dylan’s)

Paul Rufo (123 Calzones)

Geoff Leard (John C. Bryant)

Keith Meliones (Dylan’s)

Joe Manley (Dylan’s)

Eric Landry (123 Calzones)

Nick White (123 Calzones)

Dave Crismond (John C. Bryant)

AJ Cerrone (Henley’s Team)

Joe Ponsetto (Dylan’s)

Max Mitnick (John C. Bryant)

Mike Trueblood (Parmenter)

Wade Critides (John C. Bryant)

Main Street:

Kevin Balben (Haffey)

Jake Meyer (Pro-Tech Auto)

Bobby Romanow (Kitchen Interiors)

Scott Colantropo (Kitchen Interiors)

Nick Peper (Joe Dorr Carpentry)

Julian Ponsetto (Joe Dorr Carpentry)

Keith McGongile (Pro-Tech Auto)

Chris Crowell (Kitchen Interiors)

Henry Hastings (Liberty Pizza)

Connor Hanlon (Liberty Pizza)

Tim Gustus (Haffey Construction)

Dan Hogan (Pro-Tech Auto)

Brian Kilgallen (Pro-Tech Auto)

Isaac Aaron (Joe Dorr Carpentry)

Matt Hart (Liberty Pizza)

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