A Look Back, Words From Co-Founder Dan Burgess

I think it was a good first year. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it worked out well, in my opinion. As long as you guys had a good time – which I think you did – I’m happy. I’m proud of everyone that stuck it out this year with us with the hours and field situation. I’m expecting to be at the Coch field next year.  

Although my team (Green) didn’t have the best season record-wise, we still had a good time. Our win over blue in the playoffs was one of the most intense games I’ve ever been a part of.  Red and us were the only team to beat them all season; we’re the only team with a walk off win. We also scored the most runs in one game.  (Connor) Hanlon was saying he was surprised we actually played blue in Game 3 because they used (Jake) Meyer who was never on that team. But who cares? We just wanna play.

This year was basically a trial run figuring out how to do things and we can improve on those next year. Definitely a lot of controversial events during the season like bad calls by umps like me, like me putting kids on my team I never drafted…lotta rules made up on the spot. Either way, we stuck it out and it worked, right? Yeah. This year was just like made up on the spot halfway through the summer, and it still went pretty well so get excited for next year.

The league depends on all you guys, though. If we’re gonna do this again, we’ll need you guys to play, so come back next year and we’ll do it real big.

All Stars

West Plain:

Connor Hanlon

Brian Flynn

Dylan White

Joe Cerrone

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2007 The League is born

Final Regular Season Standings:

Blue Team 14-2

White Team 8-10

Red Team 7-10

Green Team 4-11

Main Street:

Joe Dorr

Alex Jenny

Keith McGonigle

Dana Sharry

Dave Crismond

Mike Goodwin

Wade Critides

Jake Meyer

Scott Colantropo

Dan Hogan

Tucker Bridgeo

Paul Rufo

Dan Burgess

Phil Hastings

Tim Ritter

Blaine Doherty

Sean O’Brien

Tim Hogan

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